Multicereals srl

Via Lazzari, 13
40057 Quarto Inferiore di Granarolo E. (BO).
Tel. + 39 051/6061270
Fax + 39 051/6061268

The Multicereals ® s.r.l is a company that operates in the breadmaking sector with bread substitute products.
Some of these ones, “LE STREGHE ®” and " GRUGNULEIN ® " began from ancient Emilian recipes and yet prepared with craftsman experience. The production also includes other specialities as breadsticks with different tastes, croissant type ferrarese, bruschettas, “treccine” and a lyne of organic products; the fragrance and the pleasant sight make it pleasing during the different moments of the day. The choice and selection of raw materials is a very important aspect to guarantee the quality of the products. The woman stamp in the company is surely an innovative characteristic in the sector and it favours a collaboration and serenity atmosphere between employees and external collaborators.